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Paver Staining after Grouting Lincoln Pavers

Applied Stain colorant to new paver floor – sealed with low sheen, matte finish.

This paver floor has just been installed. You should take note of the darker grout lines towards the top of the photo. This was suspected moisture from the install, but turned out to be mostly grout smears and residue. This became evident when we started cleaning the floor on our hands and knees.


Here is a close-up while wet . The grout has been left on the edge of the tiles. We were able to remove this grout and properly clean the floor.


The floor has been thoroughly cleaned and detailed by hand. It is now ready for stain. Two samples are lying on the floor. The one with the label was prepared for the owner during the initial consultation along with a handful of others that she wanted to see on her own batch of pavers. This is often done after a proposal for work has been accepted by the owner. We'd like to believe that we can achieve any color or look that you can imagine but it is always good to be sure. The other one has been prepared today on the jobsite to assure a match. Let the staining begin!


The upper right corner has been stained with a single coat. This floor will require at least 2, if not 3 coats and some more stain to the grout lines. In this case, the floor is being stained after grouting. Therefore the grout will also be stained. It will always retain its individuality from the pavers, however will tend to soften the transition from grout to paver. Always a great look!


This paver floor has been stained with three coats for the most part. In this case more stain has been applied to some of the lighter stones in an effort to give the floor a more uniform appearance as per our owner's request.


Another angle of the same beautiful floor. You may notice what appears to be stain on the lower area of the walls. This is actually grout residue left over from the installation. We take great care not to stain anything but the floor.


A very substantial low sheen finish has been applied. This finish has been designed specifically for pavers allowing moisture vapor transmission. It will not yellow or deteriorate from UV light.


It may look glossy in this photo, but this is far from a high sheen finish. This finish is a low sheen matte and will provide strength to the surface and protect the pavers and grout from ground-in dirt, stains and scuffs.


What else can we say? Another soon to be satisfied customer (she won't be here for another 15 minutes)


Check out the awesome movement in the pavers. Stain will bring out the best and the worst markings in a paver. Make sure your installer is very familiar with pavers. This is not ceramic tile!

A comment from the owner:

“Thanks so much for everything.  The floors turned out exactly how I wanted them.  I would highly recommend you to all my friends.  I wish I could sleep on these beautiful floors tonight!”

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