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Paver Cleaning

NuTech Floor Sealing & Restoration is a long established company that employs trained and experienced personnel to provide superior results.  NuTech can provide you with the most appropriate maintenance solution for your stone and will deliver protection, durability, beauty, and satisfaction for years to come.  When you have your stone sealed originally or restored at a later date, you are given specific maintenance instruction.  All of our surface coatings are relatively easy to maintain.  In the event that you are not inclined to perform the maintenance on your own, we are readily available to help.

Topical sealers or surface coatings applied to pavers, brick, slate, and sandstone need periodic maintenance. These coatings wear down due to abrasive foot traffic and cleaning procedures. If the stone is unsightly, dirty, or just needs a little TLC and does NOT have a topical coating applied, please review our section on stone maintenance.

For topical sealers the maintenance procedure includes the following:

  • Small furniture items and personal belongings are shifted as necessary, all significant furniture and area rugs remain in place, although rugs are usually rolled at the edges.
  • The stone is thoroughly scrubbed clean by hand using a mild cleanser. Cleansers, dirt and rinse water are fully extracted from the stone and grout.
  • If your pavers have a stained finish, color touchup is performed, restoring the color to its original glory. Grout colorants are also applied to stains or discoloration of the grout lines. See more info on grout cleaning and grout coloring.
  • Several coats of sealer are applied by hand in the same manner as the original sealer application.
  • This process usually takes three to five hours to complete in an average sized home.  The floor is ready to walk on within an hour of completion. No significant odor, dust or damage is created.

With this simple process the floor looks as good or better than it ever did before, every time maintenance is completed.   We’ve got many floors that we have maintained since 1988 and are more than happy to provide you with the contact information of some of their owners if you would like to hear more about the benefits of our maintenance services.

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