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Marble Counter Polish

Marble Counter Before

Marble After Polish

Marble counter looks dull! This Bottocini marble counter top is beginning to lose its luster. It will take a few steps to restore this lovely counter top. First the surface was honed with diamond abrasives to even out the surface. Next, the surface is polished to bring back its luster. Both of these steps are essential for a proper marble restoration, bringing the marble up to a beautiful shine. Last, the stone was sealed to insure protection and a lasting life. This marble counter was beautiful before, but look at it now! It is absolutely gorgeous!

Decorative Concrete Refinish

Concrete Before

Concrete After

Decorative Concrete needs refinished! Decorative and stamped concrete can bring a backyard to life with its vibrant color and texture. The sun and other natural elements wear at the surface over time, leaving the concrete looking dull. Our services provide cleaning, sealing, polishing, and even staining concrete in order to bring back its life and luster! This gorgeous backyard looks looks more colorful and lively now!


Dirty Travertine Shower

Dirty Travertine Shower

Clean Travertine Shower

Dirty travertine shower needs cleaned! This shower has grime and calcium build up from everyday use. Improper care can result in dull surfaces and loss of luster on travertine surfaces. Travertine  needs extra care because of the pourous state of the stone. Pesky holes allow for dirt to escape deeper into the stone where over the counter products cannot reach.  Cleaning, diamond honing, and sealing with professional product and experience was the method used  to bring shine back to this beautiful travertine shower. This shower looks great!

Dull Marble Polish


After Polish

Marble floor in need of polish! Over time marble can begin looking dull from everyday wear and tear. Cleaning, polishing, and sealing marble was the tactic used restore luster to this dull surface. Our diamond honing technique restores shine and luster to the dullest surfaces. You can practically see yourself in this marble now. It looks shiny and new!

Dirty Travetine Clean

Dirty Travertine

Clean Travertine

Travertine could use some TLC! Everyday wear and tear can easily affect porous stones like travertine. Traffic and improper maintenance grind holes into travertine that carry dirt and grime. Honing or polishing the surface of the stone will help care for those pesky holes, while cleaning and sealing travertine adds the cherry on top. This travertine is dirt free once again!

Dirty Travertine Clean and Seal


After Clean and Seal

Travertine needs help! Dirty travertine floor needs a good clean and seal. Travertine stone floors can lose their luster to every day dirt and grime. Pressure washing was the first step in this travertine clean process. Once the floor is thoroughly cleaned, touch ups are made to areas where the stone might need a little help. Sealing is the last step to insure your travertine is clean and protected. This is now a great looking floor!

Dirty Stone Fountain Cleaning

Before- Dirty Stone Fountain

After Cleaning

Fountain with dirt and algae build-up needs help! Stone cleaning is an art to bring luster back to many stone surfaces. Pressure washing is the stone cleaning technique used to remove the deeply embedded grime. With proper maintenance this fountain will stay beautiful for a long time to come. Now this fountain looks brand new!

Dirty Travertine Floor Clean and Seal

Travertine Cleaning Before

Travertine Cleaning After

Travertine floor required only cleaning and sealing.  No restoration was performed as the floor was in relatively good shape other than the deeply embedded dirt in the stone and grout lines.

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