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Grout Coloring Color Sealing

Grout Coloring: Even after such a detailed and thorough cleaning, sometimes there are still areas that don’t want to look new. These areas are colored with grout colorants, custom mixed on-site to exactly match the grout color.


Enhance the beauty of your grout!

When your grout has become unsightly beyond the point of cleaning, grout coloring is the answer.

Grout Coloring has many benefits:

  • It can change the entire look and feel of  a floor, countertop, or other tiled surface.
  • It can be an excellent alternative to re-grouting when existing grout cannot be cleaned because of a deep stain or other damage.
  • It can be used to seamlessly match a new installation to that of an existing installation.
  • It provides a superior barrier to future stains, oils and other contaminates.

Grout colorant is an epoxy-based formula that is extremely durable and will provide superior protection to that of any impregnator sealer on the market.  Available in practically ANY color, grout colorant is indistinguishable from natural grout, except for the undeniable fact that it repels dirt and stains much better.

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