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Tile Cleaning

There’s grout cleaning, and there’s NuTech Grout Cleaning!
We don’t just clean grout. We restore and seal grout. It will look as good as new, sometimes better than new. It’s definitely not the ineffective once-over that carpet cleaning companies offer.
Our process includes:
Fully cleaning the tile and grout: A thorough cleaning is performed using state of the art equipment.  The grout is then detailed by hand, at floor level with professional, high-quality products.Grout Coloring: Even after such a detailed and thorough cleaning, sometimes there are still areas that don’t want to look new. These areas are colored with grout colorants, custom mixed on-site to exactly match the grout color.Grout Repairs: Any grout that is chipped, cracked, or missing is replaced. This is included in every NuTech grout cleaning.Grout Sealing: Once the floor has been fully restored and looks great, a high-quality impregnator sealer is applied to the grout. This provides protection from stains, dirt, oil, and other contaminates.  We don’t clean grout without sealing it.  Please view our section on Grout Sealing for more information.Most of the processes in the cleaning described above apply to ceramic and porcelain tile floor grout. If you have a natural stone, look at our section on stone cleaning or stone polishing.
NuTech Floor Sealing & Restoration is a long established company that employs trained and experienced personnel to provide superior results. NuTech provides you with the most effective cleaning and maintenance solution for your stone and grout and delivers protection, durability, beauty, and satisfaction for years to come.

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