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Dirty Ceramic Tile Floor

Dirty Ceramic

Clean Ceramic

Dirty tile needs cleaned! This ceramic tile floor is dirty from every day use. High traffic areas like halls and doorways are easy targets for dirt and grime to get trapped. Ceramic tile and grout is an easy clean with our pressure washing technique. This method is used to remove all dirt build up that every day products cannot reach. Once the ceramic surface is cleaned, the grout lines are sealed to insure your ceramic tile floor stays clean as long as possible. This ceramic tile and grout looks great!

Dirty Tile and Grout Cleaning

Dirty Grout Before & After

Ceramic tile floor with really dirty grout lines.  The texture in the surface is designed as a non-slip surface but the side effect is lots of dirt and grime build up.  We were able to power wash the dirt form the tile & grout.  This photo was taken during the process to illustrate before and after tile cleaning.

Dirty Stone Clean and Seal Stone & Grout

This stone is in need of cleaning and sealing.  It has suffered years of abuse.  There is an accumulation of deep down dirt and grime.

This stone floor is in need of a deep cleaning.


This is not bad for a first pass of our cleaning equipment.


The owner wasn't sure if it really need cleaning???


On our way to a clean stone.


Clean and ready for a good application of sealer!

Dirty Pebble Stone Floor Grout Clean and Seal

Pebble stone floor in need of deep cleaning.  This floor has a terrible residue from overuse of cleaning products.  Dirt and grime just sticks to it after each mopping!

Sometimes you don't even notice how dirty your grout has become. Take this pebble floor for example. At first glance you may not think it's in bad shape.


The glassy look is our cleanser soaking into the floor, slowly emulsifying the dirt and buildup.


We're about to start cleaning this dirty pebble stone and grout.


Not a bad start...looks like this stone and grout will be clean soon!


More stone and grout cleaning...


Sure to be another satisfied customer.


This stone pebble floor is cleaner than the day it was installed. We will add an application of premium penetrating sealer to give it some protection.



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