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Dirty Ceramic Tile Floor

Dirty Ceramic

Clean Ceramic

Dirty tile needs cleaned! This ceramic tile floor is dirty from every day use. High traffic areas like halls and doorways are easy targets for dirt and grime to get trapped. Ceramic tile and grout is an easy clean with our pressure washing technique. This method is used to remove all dirt build up that every day products cannot reach. Once the ceramic surface is cleaned, the grout lines are sealed to insure your ceramic tile floor stays clean as long as possible. This ceramic tile and grout looks great!

Tile Back Splash Repair

Tile Before Repair

Tile Back Splash After Repair

Tile back splash in need of repair! Every day wear and tear can cause tile to break and chip. Different glues and adhesives. as well as an artistic eye was used to achieve the finished product on this tile and grout. After the repair was finished this tile and grout was cleaned and sealed. It looks like new again!

Dirty Travertine Floor Clean and Seal

Travertine Cleaning Before

Travertine Cleaning After

Travertine floor required only cleaning and sealing.  No restoration was performed as the floor was in relatively good shape other than the deeply embedded dirt in the stone and grout lines.

Dirty Tile and Grout Cleaning

Dirty Grout Before & After

Ceramic tile floor with really dirty grout lines.  The texture in the surface is designed as a non-slip surface but the side effect is lots of dirt and grime build up.  We were able to power wash the dirt form the tile & grout.  This photo was taken during the process to illustrate before and after tile cleaning.

Dirty Stone Clean and Seal Stone & Grout

This stone is in need of cleaning and sealing.  It has suffered years of abuse.  There is an accumulation of deep down dirt and grime.

This stone floor is in need of a deep cleaning.


This is not bad for a first pass of our cleaning equipment.


The owner wasn't sure if it really need cleaning???


On our way to a clean stone.


Clean and ready for a good application of sealer!

Exterior Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Exterior pavers suffering from mold & mildew.  Long overdue for clean and seal maintenance without the need for complete stone restoration.

This is a gorgeous exterior paver floor, but it will take some cleaning and sealing to see it.


The roof overhang drips on this side of the house and keeps these pavers wet most mornings.


The owner has pressure washed with bleach a few times. He surely had an immediate improvement but didn't realize the action would slowly destroy his sealer and allow the pavers to remain saturated. They became an incubator for mold and algae.


I said they were gorgeous! We'll have to seal them now with a premium penetrating sealer - It will protect the paver floor but will not affect the appearance in any way.


They are still wet in this photo. Having been thoroughly cleaned, we will let them dry and seal with a premium impregnator.


Sure to be another satisfied paver maintenance customer.


Paver Refinish Water Based Stripper Low Sheen Finish

Paver floor in need of Refinish. Only stripped with water-based stripper and sealed to a low sheen, matte finish.

These are the jobs we love because we know what the so called competition is up to, but it's not everyday we are able to see it. We are regularly asked to complete or re-do a project that was started by someone else. In this case a paver floor has been stripped by another company.

It must be an improvement but definitely not what the owner expected and paid for. Too bad for our owner the other guy didn't offer a No Risk Policy like ours.


Would you pay for this?


We stripped this floor with water-based strippers and we are still trying to figure out what was so difficult about it for the last guy. I guess he hasn't stripped over 1000 paver floors or maintained over 350 paver floors annually.


The floor has been stripped, but not sealed. The pavers still have some evidence of surface scuffs, scratches and chips. These are all things that will occur to pavers throughout the life of the floor and for the most part cannot be reversed. What you don't see anymore is dirt. Just Color!


That's as clean as it gets!


This floor was sealed with a low sheen topical coating. As a general rule a low sheen finish will not be as durable as a higher sheen finish because we build a high sheen finish on top of a low sheen finish.


This kitchen is bright and light again.


Do your pavers look this good?



Stone Cleaning Sealing & Maintenance

Stone Cleaning is an affordable method to restore the appearance of your stone surfaces.  Many honed and tumbled stones can be cleaned without the need for complete stone restoration.

This travertine floor is really dirty. Less than 2 years old, it has been routinely cleaned with an inappropriate cleaner that has left a build up on the stone. Our stone maintenance is a cost effective alternative to traditional grinding, honing & polishing. If you have only minor scratches, etches and blemishes you may benefit from this stone cleaning procedure.


This travertine stone floor is now light and bright! Who would have thought that just cleaning could have restored this floor?


Our stone maintenance procedure does not address lippage, scratches or acidic etches. It is best suited for honed or mildly polished stones.


Professionally machine cleaned stone surfaces, hand scrubbed grout lines and a premium sealer. Now you remember why you chose such a beautiful travertine floor!


Deep down, dingy grout lines.


Once again, a beautiful stone floor, cleaned and sealed.



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